About RIPN

Royal Swan Charitable Minority Trust constructed a new polytechnic campus for Ratneshwari Institute of Polytechnic in the year 2014-15. Royal Swan Charitable Minority Trust has been a motivating force behind Ratneshwari Institute of Polytechnic .RSCMT has in true sense acted as a mentor to RIPN.

Intellectual destination

RIP is an intellectual destination that helps to prepare educated professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, and use of technology. It is the perfect intellectual destination for students.

Place of illumination

It is a place of illumination where students are not only imparted with theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge. Industries need engineers who are aware of the practical knowledge; they don’t want engineers with theoretical knowledge. To be more specific, Industries want engineers who can successfully apply their knowledge. Because just knowing isn't enough, in Industries applying is what matters.

Transformational place

It is a transformational place where students are transformed not merely into engineers but professionals that can tackle the challenges thrown towards them by the industry. A diamond needs to be chiselled in-order to shine. In RIP we train our students rigorously and make diamonds out of them that can shine in the outside world.






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Thanks To Royal Swan Charitable Minority Trust

RSCMT has in true sense acted as a mentor to RIPN. RSCMT has been already extending their services to public in general, through their establishments like hostel, schools, school for disabled and the mentally challenged. Needless to say that the trustees owe the credit of having one integrated college, providing degree courses in multiple faculties of education.

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